I was just asking to know if there is some audiance before here is my methode for hacking anti leech we gona use a soft calde proxo mitron proxomitron is an anti bull script web proxy it' works buy applying some rules to elliuminte pop up and many other thing but for our cas we need to desactive all this filtring first goto w-w.proxomitron.info download a copy of the soft then you need to unselect all the option of the soft and clik on log window no go to a anti leech web site use the plug in and not netpumper in the plugin add a proxy you must put this proxy adress 8080 for http the same for ftp now select the file to download a click download watch in proximitron log winodws you will see many internal forwarding if the file are located in a ftp server proximitron dont handel them and you will find an error in a ftp adress if it's a http adress
you will find some thing like get /blablalma/bla/file site tr.com and you have foudn the adress it' tr.com/blabla/file